When it comes to network security, it is easy for small to medium sized businesses to say “not me”, “they are only after the big guys.” The reality is that attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and small businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.

Not a day passes when we don’t read about a new form of ransomware or another cybersecurity threat that has appeared on the market. Over the past several years “hacking” has evolved significantly to become a “black market” business of sorts. The sophistication of the tools and tactics deployed by these nefarious predators has increased dramatically and the risk to your business today is greater than it has ever been. And tomorrow the risk will be greater than it is today, and the same holds true for the day after tomorrow.

It is virtually impossible for a small or lower mid-market business to maintain awareness of these risks, and even more challenging to build strong defense against these risks. This is a dynamic problem that requires full time 24 / 7 oversight and management. We partner with our clients to design a dynamic and proactive strategy to reduce the risk of successful cyber-security attacks against your business.

The “bad guys” intentionally target smaller businesses because they don’t have the resources of larger companies to defend themselves. We have seen several businesses suffer tremendous financial loss and brand damage by these attacks. This is, unfortunately, how we find many clients. They come to us only after being hit – and hit hard. The right move is to be proactive with your plan and your defense and we can help.

A 2013 study showed that 1 in every 5 small businesses networks would be compromised. With the ever-increasing technological advances, it is likely that since then, these numbers have climbed, posing a significant risk for a potential breach, lost or stolen data, or some type of malicious threat.

There are a number of ways ManagePoint in Milwaukee helps to ensure that you are at minimum risk:

  • Updates. Keeping computers and network equipment updated is one of the most effective steps to preventing a possible network security issue.
  • Firewall. A common mistake in small to medium business networks is the lack of a business grade firewall solution. Often business owners are unaware of the difference between having a network router and having a network firewall in place.
  • Passwords. Password and password protection are proving to be an area that needs attention when discussing network security. Using sophisticated software and tools, hackers are easily gaining access to small business networks through simple or default passwords
  • Antivirus/Antispam. Most people know that antivirus and antispam software are necessary components of network security, but many people don’t realize why its so important until their computer or network is infected with a virus, malware, spyware, or a host of other potentially dangerous issues.

No matter the size of your business, network security is a definite requirement for every business in the digital age. If you are worried or unsure of where to start with an internal security audit, our team can help get you on track.



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