Why You Need to Understand “Secure by Design” Cybersecurity Practices

2023-10-03T10:40:09-05:00November 30, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Cybersecurity has become a critical foundation upon which many aspects of business rely. Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business, network security is a must. Cyberattacks can have long-term consequences.The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase. In 2022, IoT malware attacks saw a sobering 87% increase. Attack [...]

Watch Out for Ransomware Pretending to Be a Windows Update!

2023-10-03T10:40:12-05:00November 20, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Imagine you’re working away on your PC and see a Windows update prompt. Instead of ignoring it, you take action. After all, you want to keep your device safe. But when you install what you think is a legitimate update, you’re infected with ransomware.That’s the nightmare caused by an emerging [...]

How to Keep Your Smart Home from Turning Against You

2023-10-03T10:40:22-05:00November 10, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Smart homes have become a ubiquitous part of modern living. It doesn’t even seem unusual anymore to tell your refrigerator to add milk to the digital grocery list.Smart homes offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency. You can control your lights and thermostat with a smartphone app. And have a virtual assistant [...]

10 Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes of Small Companies

2023-10-03T10:40:24-05:00November 5, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Cybercriminals can launch very sophisticated attacks. But it’s often lax cybersecurity practices that enable most breaches. This is especially true when it comes to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).Small business owners often don’t prioritize cybersecurity measures. They may be just fully focused on growing the company. They think they have [...]

What Is SaaS Ransomware & How Can You Defend Against It?

2023-09-06T10:39:04-05:00October 31, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the way businesses operate. It offers convenience, scalability, and efficiency. No more dragging software from one device to another. Everyone can collaborate easily in the cloud.But alongside its benefits, SaaS brings with it potential threats. When software and data are online, they’re more vulnerable to attacks. [...]

Does Your Business Have Any “Cybersecurity Skeletons” in the Closet?”

2023-09-06T10:39:16-05:00October 15, 2023|Cybersecurity|

Let’s dive into a topic that might give you the chills—cybersecurity skeletons in the closet. You may not have old skeletons hidden away in the basement. But there’s a good chance of cybersecurity vulnerabilities lurking in the shadows. Just waiting to wreak havoc.You can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Strengthening Your Team’s Defense with Essential Cyber Hygiene

2023-09-06T10:39:18-05:00October 10, 2023|Cybersecurity|

As technology continues to advance, so does the need for heightened awareness. As well as proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information.Cybersecurity can seem like an insurmountable task for everyday people. But it’s not only a job for the IT team. Everyone can play a part in keeping their organization’s data [...]

Application Vulnerabilities That Could Impact Your Business Systems

2023-10-02T19:50:08-05:00October 2, 2023|Blog, Cybersecurity|

  The end of last week, two vulnerabilities that could affect many business systems were discovered. These are classified as CVE-2023-4863 (libwebp) and  CVE-2023-5217 (libvpx), they are outlined on the National Vulnerability Database website.  The impact of these vulnerabilities is extremely serious: Successful exploitation could potentially result in attackers taking [...]

Learn How to Spot Fake LinkedIn Sales Bots

2023-09-06T10:39:39-05:00September 15, 2023|Cybersecurity|

LinkedIn has become an invaluable platform for professionals. People use it to connect, network, and explore business opportunities. But with its growing popularity have come some red flags. There has been an increase in the presence of fake LinkedIn sales bots.These bots impersonate real users and attempt to scam unsuspecting [...]

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