Don’t Give Up on Password Managers

2023-05-08T13:44:42-05:00June 28, 2023|Blog, Cybersecurity, Internet, Passwords|

Seeing a major password manager breached, it’s hard not to throw up your hands and say, "it’s helpless." Still, don’t give up on all password managers. Used properly, they are still better than a password spreadsheet or sticky notes of your credentials. Plus, it’s definitely smarter than reusing the same [...]

Tackle These Four False Assumptions About Cyber Attackers

2023-05-08T13:27:13-05:00June 19, 2023|Blog, Cybersecurity, Internet|

There’s one big assumption about cyber attackers that we regularly refute: "It can’t happen to me." At this point, most businesses do recognize the serious nature of the cyberattack threat. Yet other assumptions about cyber attackers may also make your business vulnerable. Educate your employees about these four main misconceptions. [...]

An AI Assistant in Microsoft 365: Copilot

2023-05-08T12:29:33-05:00May 18, 2023|Blog, AI, Business, Internet, Tech|

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer sci-fi; it’s fast becoming a regular part of our day-to-day lives. For Microsoft 365 users, there’s Copilot, an AI-powered assistant. Here’s how it works. Microsoft developed Copilot to help you navigate and operate Microsoft 365. Machine learning, trained by your usage patterns and preferences, [...]

Is ChatGPT Safe for Businesses to Use?

2023-05-08T12:11:57-05:00May 8, 2023|Blog, AI, Business, Cybersecurity, Internet, Tech|

We may not have hovercraft yet, but ChatGPT offers futuristic innovation to businesses. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model designed to generate human-like responses. The increasingly popular AI-powered platform has a wide range of applications. Weigh its advantages against the security implications, though. ChatGPT responds to questions or commands, [...]

What You Need to Know About Browser Extension Risks

2023-02-06T22:55:36-06:00March 29, 2023|Blog, Business, Cybersecurity, Internet|

With “Googling it” now a common expression, it’s safe to say you do a lot online. To do it all you’re using a Web browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.). To do it all more efficiently or effectively, you could be using browser extensions, but this article is going [...]

What Does a Data Breach Look Like?

2023-05-08T11:36:37-05:00March 17, 2023|Blog, Business, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Tech|

Part of the problem with a data breach is that your business doesn’t know about it until it’s already happened – sometimes well after. Knowing the signs of a data breach can help you mitigate the damage. Don’t get complacent about cybersecurity. There are many things competing for your attention. [...]

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